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We love this community- most of our staff  live within biking distance and the owners are all within the 80212 zip code as well…  We are a place where all are welcomed with open arms as if you were coming into our home.  We embrace diversity and respect all walks of life.  Supporting local business is very important to us so we offer a wide range of locally crafted beer and spirits.  We have a great selection of Whiskey and fun, fresh cocktails inspired by our huge Colorado spirits selection!  The local community is very important to us, but so is our global community; we strive to have the smallest carbon footprint that we can.  We recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic and glass and use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and products as much as possible.  We are involved with our local schools and give back to our local community as much as we possibly can!  This is not your average bar!  Come in on the 1st Sunday of the month for our weekly Family Fandango and 20% of the total sales goes straight to the Centennial PTA.  We have a holiday market that highlights local arts and crafts and all the proceeds go to Tennyson Center for Children.  We host the EdFest which is a MASSIVE fundraiser for Edison Elementary.   Just to name a few of the ways we are involved with the community!  It really is our passion!

About the owners:

Niya Diehl was born on an intentional living community in WA State and moved around a bit until she landed in Colorado just in time to start her first day of 3rd grade at Prospect Valley Elementary School.  Growing up around here she learned to embrace the urban life as well as honor the important connection with the great outdoors. She contributes a lot of her success to the incredible support of Jefferson County Open School where she spent most of her time in the wilderness and when she was back home, how to become an entrepreneur!   However free spirited she may be, she has always had an incredible work ethic.  From the time she was 11 years old when she worked at Heinie’s Market Produce (on 44th), she then navigated her way through the restaurant business for the next 15 years, ultimately falling in love with the industry.  After spending 5 amazing and educational years at Mead St. Station under the original owners Mary and Andy Robinson (whom she credits much of her experience to) it was time to move on as new owners came in.  Always dreaming of having her own place, the timing seemed perfect when the opportunity came to take over the old Music Bar space and create something fresh and new while paying homage to the rich history of the building and community.  Niya is the managing partner and you can find her there most days and nights (and mornings)!

Niya could not have done it without the incredible support of her partner (in business and in life) Grant Gingerich.  Born in Santa Cruz, CA to an entrepreneurial spirited family, he moved across the country with his parents golf training seminars that exploded in the 80s.  He has been in the Highlands for over 20 years and truly believes in the good of this community.  He had a local mortgage lending business for many years and then he decided to follow his passion of food and wine and open up Swimclub 32 more than a decade ago.  Throw 5 years of growing pains the change need to be made and he is now the proud, sole proprietor of el Camino Community Tavern.  Grant has always  been a huge supporter and fundraiser for the local schools over the last several years and now sits on the board with Brown Elementary.  His generousity and dedication to the neighborhood are a huge part of what makes both el Camino and Local 46 feel like a home away from home for many.

We hope you enjoy!Sayulita 2011 036

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